Terms and Conditions

  • Some images, dimensions, colors, weights, etc. of the offered products
    included on the website are only approximate and can not lead to
    compensation and / or dissolution.
  • the colors may differ from the colors used in the images, due to stock or color difference due to lighting. If you really want a specific color, you can always leave it as a note in the comments field.
  • the cakes may differ slightly due to the weather conditions. This is because we have to take into account, for example, the extreme heat, which means that the cake needs to be adjusted slightly to maintain the beautiful result

  • The agreement is concluded after the customer:
    ● has completed the entire ordering procedure via the website
    ● The customer has accepted the offer of I Love Cupcakes in writing or
    by email.
    ● confirmation via whatsapp only valid for whatsapp orders completed
    through one of our customer service employees and the fully amount
  • The gift card or voucher or its residual value cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • The discount code offered by I Love Cupcakes can be canceled without any
  • With only the costs of the transactions and administration cost of 10%, the customer can cancel the order up to 72 hours before the
    day the order is delivered, unless:
    ● order amount is higher than 175 Euro.
    ● The specialized orders.
    In these cases cancellation to be 7 days before the delivery date.
  • pick-up orders can be picked up from 13:00 and until 17:30
  • orders cancellation should only be done by email.
  • The image on a cake can be a maximum of A4 format or 19 CM for round
    format, unless otherwise agreed with the customer.
  • The customer has no right after the reciving sign to return the product for any
  • the customer must check the packages during delivery.
  • the customer is only entitled to submit a complaint on the same day of
  • the product must be consumed within a maximum of two days after delivery.
  • complaints about product quality can only be submitted within 2 days and can
    only be done via email info@ilovecupcakes.nl
  • I Love Cupcakes is not responsible for any dependencies that may arise upon
    cancellation or for damage to the product that may occur during delivery.
  • There are 4 time slots possible for a delivery. If cakes are delivered outside the desired time period, unfortunately no compensation can be claimed. Delivery is handled by a third party and I love cupcakes is not responsible for this.
  • In the absence of the customer, the package will be returned. Packages are not delivered to neighbors or left on their doorstep due to food safety.
  • If possible, upon payment of the delivery costs, it can be checked whether the box can be scheduled again for delivery at a later time, on Saturday, which is unfortunately not possible, the order can only be offered once.
  • Customer cannot claim a refund for damage during a second delivery attempt. We cannot guarantee that the products will be carefully sorted again for a second delivery, because this takes place outside our own depot.